What Our Clients Say

“You are the best agent we have ever had. You were thorough and did a great job for us. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you again.”


“Nina was a pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends. She was the best informed of all the agents we interviewed, straightforward, honest, and easy to deal with.”


“ I have had the pleasure of working alongside of Nina with a number of her clients and she doesn't hesitate to pull up her sleeves and go that extra mile to help get their homes sold. She has a unique balance of showing compassion and respect while also being straightforward with the facts. She is extremely smart and knowledgeable keeping on top of the real estate trends. I highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.”


“Nina is one of the best at marketing a home to sell as anyone I have ever worked with. Her marketing skills and pricing analysis enable the homeowner to get the most for their house in the shortest time possible.”


“Nina Hollander was responsive, personable, and she helped us sell a very troublesome house quickly and seamlessly.”


“Nina is an area expert in the real estate market. She is up-to-the-minute knowledgeable, detail oriented, a no nonsense, bulldog Realtor® and that's what I appreciate in a professional. I will use her again and again and have referred her to several of MY clients. You can expect nothing less than perfection from Nina.”


“Nina knows how to sell a home better than anyone. She sold our home in less than 24 hours with multiple buyers. She is professional, experienced and knows how to manage the ups and downs of the selling experience. We would use her again tomorrow.”


“Nina was very professional from the start. She helped us evaluate our home from all selling/marketing aspects. She analyzed our house for the best selling points to recommendations on what is selling in our area. I must say that Nina’s expertise and knowledge of the industry helped us sell our home within our time frame. Thanks, Nina, for all your help.”


“You did a really top-notch job on the marketing materials—the website descriptions entice the potential buyer into the fantasy of owning this home. The virtual tour is stunning! The property book you left in our home is incredibly “complete.” Now we appreciate why it took you time to create all these marketing gems and the value of waiting until the complete package was ready before going to market. I very much appreciate the power of marketing and you leveraged everything you had. Thanks very much, Nina.”


“We have relied on Nina for several real estate sales and she has always come through. We recommend Nina to anyone and will use her to sell in the future.”


“Of course...the best thing is...you sold our house and you are the best agent ever! Nina...you are an awesome professional and so talented!”


“The pictures and the virtual look great—it makes me sorry I am selling the house. This is the very best website on a home I have ever seen. Everything looks great… the marketing materials are also the best I have ever seen!”


“What an excellent agent I was fortunate to meet! Nina, this is the fifth house I’ve sold in my life and you are the best of all! It’s amazing how you control and manage your business so professionally.”


“Thank you for everything that you do Nina! We are so happy to be working with you again. Simply put, you deliver! Your service is top notch and your expertise is greatly appreciated in this area.”


“Just wanted to let you know how much we truly appreciate the extra help with selling the house.  And the brochure and photos are so impressive!  Thank you so much for bearing with us and going above and beyond so many times. Thank you again—you are simply outstanding and fabulous!”


“The brochure looks great. Great job - you make me want to look at this home!  This is far better than anything I have seen produced .You’ve done everything we wanted and more!”


“All the marketing about the house is so polished.  You are extremely thorough and we are so fortunate to have found you. You're amazing, Nina!  Thanks for everything.”


“Thank you! Thank you very much… for being there with me at the beginning and at the end, for all your advice, and for taking care of me as your client. You were absolutely wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“Thank you so much for your wonderful help in selling our home. You’re a God-send!”


“We want to thank you for taking care of the sale of our property. You did a very good job on this house. To be honest, I expected only to have it sold by the end of the year. So you did it much earlier than we though and at the conditions we had in mind. Again, thanks so much for your good sale job. We will recommend you for sure to our friends.”


“Thanks again for everything you did to sell the house! I have no doubt now, nor did I through the entire selling process, that you were the best Realtor® for the job. I will continue to try to express my gratitude by sending referrals your way any chance I get.”


“A world of thanks to you for everything, including getting us through several obstacles and hiccups that presented themselves during the sale of our home. The advice, professionalism and overall experience you brought to this situation were invaluable—and we came to rely on it. So here’s to having this all (successfully!) behind us and moving on.”


“I want to thank you for your persistence in selling our house. We couldn’t have done it without you!”


“I can now really appreciate the value of a real estate agent for selling our home. I just wish we had started the process with you in January. Thanks to you, I have a new-found understanding of what a top-notch real estate agent should do for a home seller. You set high standards and practices that other real estate agents would find difficult to meet. And I love your energy! You can bet that I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone that is looking for an agent.”


“Thank you for assisting me even after the closing. I finally received the check I was waiting for. You are a true professional going the extra mile to ensure everything was settled."


“Nina was so thorough, attentive, and professional during my home sale, I never needed to worry about a thing! She handled the multiple offers I received with skill and creativity and helped guide me to identify the best all around offer. Nina is a sharp, incisive and intelligent expert in the business with great integrity. I would recommend her (and have) without hesitation!”


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